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Potato recipes

From a hearty potato pie recipe to a summery potato salad recipe, we have a potato recipe to suit everyone here
  • Potato dauphinois

    Potato dauphinois

    Matthew Fort’s simple recipe will yield perfect potato dauphinois every time

  • Meat and potato pie

    Meat and potato pie

    A traditional meat and potato pie which can be made with readymade shortcrust pastry

  • Jersey royal and spring onion frittata

    Jersey royal and spring onion frittata

    Aaron Craze’s recipe with new potatoes is an indulgent option for brunch

  • Potato and chorizo soup

    Potato and chorizo soup

    A simple yet delicious soup which can be made from ingredients that are found in most kitchens

  • Potato salad

    Potato salad

    A simple, snazzy salad makes a posh sunshine supper – delicious served with a wedge of crusty garlic bread

  • Rosti crab cakes

    Rosti crab cakes

    Delia Smith’s fishcakes are a perfect balance of potato and rich crabmeat, sharpened with tart-tasting capers

  • Potato and onion tortilla omelette

    Potato and onion tortilla omelette

    Delicious eaten cold or hot, and easily portable so great for a picnic or fireside supper

  • Sausage and mash

    Sausage and mash

    Ed Baines serves juicy sausages with a tasty onion gravy sauce and creamy mashed potatoes

  • Potato wedges

    Potato wedges

    Tana Ramsay shows how to cook crunchy potato wedges, with just a hint of chilli

  • Roast potatoes

    Roast potatoes

    Discover the joy of home-cooked roast potatoes with James Martin’s easy-to-follow recipe

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