>House smoked sausages

>Bar-b-que-sausagesImage via WikipediaPork flesh * 2 / 3
     * pork fat 1 / 3
     * leg of mutton and beef
     * ground black pepper
     * paprika
     * chilli powder
     * garlic passed through a meat grinder
     * allspice

After we were hacked to seasoning their meats. For this step I use the following spices: ground black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic passed through a meat grinder, salt and allspice.

After the spices have been incorporated, as “clotting. The second step consists in boiling the bones without meat (pork leg) and a little pig crop. The resulting broth is mixed with seasoned meat until it becomes smooth. To ease the filling operation anevoiasa bowel recommend you let the meat cool.

The last step consists in their smoking. This operation must be done within 2-3 days.

We recommend you cook on the grill or oven and serve them with polenta with cheese or mashed potatoes and pickles. Good appetite!

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