>Post wire pot boiled novel

>Sarmale and MamaligaImage by **emmar** via Flickr     * 250 g fresh mushrooms
     * 1 green pepper
     * 3 medium onions
     * 1 leek
     * 1 potato
     * 8 tablespoons oil
     * 5ooml tomato juice
     * 1 cup coffee 200 grams of rice
     * parsley (I put in the freezer)
     * pepper
     * salt
     * 4 pcs bay leaves
     * 1 sprig thyme to pieces.
     * 1 2 sauerkraut than 2.500kg

Place 4 tablespoons oil in wok and cook to cook peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes and leeks, but after they were cleaned, washed and cut. It will go up juice quality at all. Season to taste and then put in blender and grind is not too much.

In a bowl put the rice well washed and drained of water then pour over rice plus green blender and spoon put in the cabbage leaves you‘ve prepared the day before. Because you‘ve left them with cold water desarat impachtam with grja it’s a little bit softer but it may wrap well.

Put in bowl Roman branch of thyme and bay leaves and then cabbage. At the end we put 4 tablespoons of oil and tomato juice with a little water then bake about an hour but should be checked.

Enjoy your meal.

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